Egg Safe and Sound

Dragon's Egg safely hidden near water again.

Dragon’s Egg safely hidden near water again.

Our baby dragon egg has been found. We are SO happy. Thank you very much to the House Fairy who brought it safely back to us. We have checked it out and

Dragon's Egg starting to glow

Dragon’s Egg starting to glow

it’s starting to glow. It has to stay near water for a while longer, before we can take it to the lightning volcano for hatching. The House Fairy says that a little girl she calls a “Snuggle Bunny” kept it safe for us. If she’s a bunny – can we eat her? The House Fairy says this little girl is called Olivia and she wants us to come and live with her but her house would be too small to hold us – we are very big and our magic might make it fall down! I suppose if she kept our egg safe, we shouldn’t eat her – even if she is a snuggle bunny! The House Fairy says that would be rude. We are wild dragons, not tame ones. You might see us swirling in the sky sometimes, especially when it’s stormy.