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Lost Dragon Tooth

Growing Up

Our baby dragon is growing up. We named her Hyrlu. She has already lost some of her teeth and the new ones are growing in behind where the baby teeth came out.

Lost Tooth

But we had a problem the other day, Hyrlu was eating a large piece of meat when one of her teeth came out. She was enjoying her meal so much that she didn’t notice the tooth had come out and she swallowed it!

Dragon Tooth Fairy

Why was it a problem? Because she thought the dragon tooth fairy would not come and leave her a piece of gold. All dragons have a hoard of gold. They start building it when they are very young, beginning with the gold pieces left by the dragon tooth fairy. Once Hyrlu noticed her tooth was missing and realised she had swallowed it, she rampaged and raged up and down the mountain, trampling so loudly that people in the valley below thought there was an earthquake coming, or the volcano was about to erupt!

Called The House Fairy

We could not calm her down, so we called the House Fairy to see if she could do anything. Well she told us she was NOT going to search through Hyrlu’s dragon poo to look for the swallowed tooth but she said she knew the Dragon Tooth Fairy and that she would talk to her to see whether anything could be done.

Lots Of Swallowed Teeth

After the House Fairy visited the dragon tooth fairy, she told us that it turns out that lots of young dragons swallow their teeth, especially when eating their juicy fresh meat. And the Dragon Tooth Fairy always knows when young dragons lose their teeth and comes to visit anyway. She said that Hyrlu should say a special poem charm for the lost tooth, then breathe fire onto a stone and scratch her name on it and leave it in her sleeping nest, when she went to sleep. That would give the Dragon Tooth Fairy permission to collect the tooth if she managed to find it and she would still leave Hyrlu a gold piece.

Here is the poem that Hyrlu said:

Dragon Tooth Fairy, tooth fairy wise,
I swallowed my tooth, what an awful surprise.
I had it all gleaming, all ready to pop it
but it went down my throat and I just couldn’t stop it.
If you can find it, I promise it’s yours,
But please leave my gold piece nestled under my claws.

Dragon Tooth Fairy Came

Well, the next morning the special stone was gone and a gold piece was left in its place. Hyrlu was very pleased. We never did find the tooth so we think the Dragon Tooth Fairy must have managed to find it after all.